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Offer subject to prior sale, all offers EXW.


BBC steam turbine generator backpressure type, 15 MW

with all auxiliaries and matching boiler if required.

Condition                                            installed,
available immediately.
Remaining life approx.:                     260,000 hrs

Total running hrs                                   47.000 hrs

Shut down                                          2007
Manuf.                                                BBC Brown, Boveri & Cie. Germany (today Alstom)
Year of Manuf.                                    1982
15 MW
Design inlet steam pressure                63.7 ata, 485 deg C
Rotating Speed                                   10,500 rpm
Back Pressure                                     3.92 +/-0.5 bara

Gear box
Model:                                                 Voith
Inlet speed:                                          10,500 rpm
Outlet speed:                                       1500 rpm
Rating                                                 18,800 kW
Manuf.                                                BBC Brown, Boveri & Cie. Germany (today Alstom)
Year of Manuf.                                     1983
Apparent power                                   18.75 MVA
Speed                                                 1,500 rpm
CosFi                                                  0.8
Voltage                                                6.3 kV, 50 Hz
Excitation                                            Static Excitation
Weight                                                 38.5 t
Scope of Supply
Complete steam turbine with generator and all auxiliaries as oil system, circuit breaker,documentation.


Additional matching water tube boiler is available:


Manufacturer                                        BABCOCK & WILCOX

Capacity                                              80 Tm/h

Pressure                                                           65 Kg/cm²

Temperature                                         460 ºC

Burner                                                 4

Fuel consumption nº 1                          5.765 Kg/h

Fuel consumption Gas natural               4x 1.628 m³N/h

Air consumption                                   82.000 m³N/h

Manuf.date                                          1983.