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GENSETS GE Jenbacher JGS 616E GS N.L.  V 60 (type J 616 GS) 2-16 MW

consisting of 8 x 2 MW (1,938 kW el.)

+ Stamford (AVK) generator/alternator designed for 50 and 60 Hz,

type rated for 3.375 kVA (2.700 KW) 400/480V

0 hours - single/several units available !

NATURAL GAS POWER PLANT 2-16 MW - zero hours, unused.
Stored in Northern port of GERMANY in 25 x 40" containers,
ready for immediate delivery direct from stock/warehouse.

after precise analysis and appropriate customization.

+ Stamford (AVK) generators designed for 50 and 60 Hz
type rated for 3,375 kVA, 2,700 kW - 400/480V

Scope of delivery: 1-8 completely NEW  GENSETS with  zero hours !
1-8 pcs. Natural-gas-engines – GENSETS GE Jenbacher GS616 (J 616 GS-E02)

400/480 V STAMFORD (AVK) 3,375 kVA (type rating) alternator – 50/60 Hz,

electrical output: 1,938 kW under ISO conditions
NOx < 250 mg/Nm3 (5% O2) !!!
- DIANE control system
- master control
- GEA (France) dual table coolers for high and low-temperature cooling circuit
- all relevant technical information available in PDF documents. PLEASE ASK.

1-8 GENSETS consignable with the following alternatives:

- if buying all 8 gensets as a complete POWER PLANT the customer will receive as extra bonus:

3 halls (2 x covering each up to 5 gensets, 1 x technical surveyance/power-house)

in sandwich-construction covering all gensets for erection at site.

- special machine break inssurance available to give customer extended safety.

Excellent reliability - high capacity combined with small installation costs – this is the advantage of this 1,500 RPM engine.

Extreme efficiency – low emissions – by combustion chamber construction.

60,000 hours (under optimal circumstances) until first overhaul show the excellence of this engineering top output.

Proven efficiency, durability and reliability
• Leanox® lean burn control ensures reliable, durable emissions control
• Integrated engine/generator controls
• High-performance long-life spark plugs for reliable operation
• Knocking controls compensate for methane number fluctuation
• Bypass turbo chargers allow for extreme operating conditions
• Unmatched fuel diversity
• Best-in-class operating efficiencies
• Maintenance-friendly design; long service intervals


GE Jenbacher 616  Vee 60° (J 616 GS-E02) WAREHOUSE photos 2009






GE Jenbacher Series 6

The Series 6 engine offers excellent reliability in the 1.7 to 3 MW power range.

High capacity rate and low installation costs are an asset of this engine which has a speed of 1,500 RPM.

Maximum efficiency with low emissions are achieved by the design of its pre-combustion chamber.

The first major service is at 60,000 hours due to the excellent design of this engine. Excellent spare parts offer quality and long life

whether your engine is running on natural, coke, landfill, mine or wood gas.

Features & Benefits

Extreme operating conditions balanced by turbocharger bypass
• At 1,500 RPM there is high output density
Long cylinder head life is guaranteed by dry exhaust manifold
Maximum efficiency is ensured by specially designed pre-chamber combustion
Knocking control offers the best of protection



 J 616 GS Technical Specifications   
Number of cylinders / arrangement:  16 / V 60° 
Combustion:  Lean burn principle 
Bore:  7.5 in (190 mm) 
Stroke:  8.7 in (220 mm) 
Speed:  1,5
Gen-Set dimensions (ft):  26.2 (L) by 8.2 (W) by 9.2 (H) 
Gen-Set dimensions (mm):  8,000 (L) by 2,500 (W) by 2,800 (H) 
Weight:  47,179 lb (21,400 kg) 


Scope of delivery:

1-8  pcs. Natural-gas-engines – GENSETS GE Jenbacher 616  V 60 (JGS 616E GS N.L.

400/480 V STAMFORD (AVK) 3,375 kVA (type rating) alternator – 50/60 Hz

electrical output:  1,938 kW  under ISO conditions

NOx < 250 mg/Nm3 (5% O2)

gas train for natural gas

DIANE control system

master control

starting system

exhaust gas silencer

dual table coolers for high and low-temperature cooling circuit

automatic synchronising

generator switchgear for low voltage

8 x GE Jenbacher Sixteen Cylinder V60 - J 616 GS N.L. 1500 RPM natural gas engines with a continuous full load shaft output of approx. 1960 kW,

based on a LHV gas of 8,8 KW per Nm³ . The generator set is designed to serve 50 as well as 60Hz. The electrical efficiency at 50Hz and full load will reach 41%.

 8 x Stamford (AVK) generators designed for 50 and 60 Hz, type rated for 3.375 kVA 400/480Volts,

directly connected to a step-up transformer. Generator voltage output can be adapted to customers requirements.


Engine and generator base frames are included together with:   

Engine Jacket water system module

Electric Jacket Water Preheating

Automatic Lube oil replenishing system

Pre lubrication and after cooling oil pump

Main Fuel natural gas train.

Pre chamber natural gas train.

Piping interface flexible connections for water, gas, and lube oil.

GE Jenbacher - DIANE Engine Management system with monitoring and safety shut down for auto or manual operation.

LEANOX misfiring detection, performance and trend tracking etc.

GE Jenbacher - HERMES remote monitoring system enables distance control and monitoring by telephone line and modem.

Interface panel module

Master control panel for 10 engines for auto start /stop of individual modules.

2 x SIEMENS motor control panels for operation of auxiliaries NEMA (each controls 5 units)

8 x Thompson Technology Inc utility grade generator control panels for  synchronizing with the mains using PLC technology

and with re-synchronizing automatic built into module generator switchgear (Low voltage) NEMA

Grid monitoring device

8x Alstom step-up transformers included for 400-480 / 10.000-12.000 volt with tap changing device for voltage adaption

8 x GEA Dual circuit air cooled radiators for High and Low temperature circuits –

based on 40 degrees C ambient temp.

 8 x Silex critical grade Exhaust Silencers, with mounting bands, connectors and insulation

8 x start batteries and charging rectifiers 


extra BONUS (if all units are bought):

2 x Engine Buildings, Steel and Aluminum prefabricated buildings (5 x units per building ) 15 x 28 x 6 mtr.,  0,4 mtr. roof slope.

1 x Control Building 7,5 x 15 x 4,5 mtr., 0,4 mtr. roof slope.



- engineering at site – foundation

- commissioning

- construction and civil works at site

- erection and installation at site

- power-, control- and starter cables

- spare parts

- consumables, anti corrosion inhibitor and anti freeze

- transport

- any other items which not specifically described

- Cogeneration CHP – can be offered extra (utilizing of thermal output of the engines for hot water or steam or cooling)


Delivery: EXW Germany, Northern port, 100% irrevocable and transferable letter of credit

Delivery time: immediately !



Pictures are giving only example of completion after commissioning


Complete functional CHP power plant  16.000 KWe, 50/60Hz, 400/480 10/11.000 volt, natural gas, consisting of 8 unused Jenbacher generator sets type JMS 616 GS-NL , year 2001, unused -0 hours - complete with 3 buildings.


Generator set JMS616 GS-NL

Engine and generator housing are bolted together by a special mounting flange and placed with vibration absorbers on a common base frame.

The rotating shafts are coupled by means of a flexible coupling.

The rest vibrations are so limited that the common base frame can be placed directly on the

concrete foundation. No special foundation constructions are necessary.


Heat recovery built in !



Each engine has its own heat recovery system.

Heat is recovered from lube oil, jacket water, charged air-gas mixture and exhaust gases.

The lube oil cooler, jacket water cooler and charge air cooler are direct mounted on the base frame.

The exhaust cooler is executed as a separate freestanding unit.

All coolers are made of stainless steel and executed as compact plate heat exchanger, except for exhaust cooler which is executed as stainless steel shell and tube boiler.

If steam is required the exhaust gas cooler must be replaced by an exhaust gas steam boiler,

jacket water and lube oil can be used for heating the condensate and feed water.

In case heat recovery is not required, exhaust gases shall flow directly to the stack and lube oil, jacket water etc. must be cooled by an air fin bank.


Lube oil system

Each engine has a mechanical driven lube oil pump and an electrical driven pre lubrication pump.

The oil level in the crankcase will be automatically controlled by a level switch and electric valve. The oil will flow to the crankcase by gravity. For quick oil exchange two separate electric driven lube oil pumps are installed, one for fresh oil and one for used oil.

Two storage tanks will be supplied, one for fresh oil and one for used oil, tanks are equipped with level indicators and level switches.


Natural gas manifold

Each engine has its own gas manifold, equipped with one manual shutoff valve, two electric

shutoff valves, gas filters, pressure controllers, pressure switches (min./ max. protection) and

pressure indicators (manometers)

A flexible stainless steel hose will connect engine with the gas manifold.


Starting system

Engine is started with an electric start motor. Each unit has its own starting batteries and

automatic battery charger 220/24Volt.


Control panel

Each unit has its own control panel with all controls and protection devices.

A major part of the control is the Jenbacher motor management system called DIA.NE. This system comprises powerful central industrial controls that handle master control and feedback control for the engine-plant, as well as visualization. A link with central process control is provided to meet the specific requirements of customers, via standardized industry busses or using direct signal lines.

The particular focus of the DIA.NE design lies in combining powerful and flexible open- and

closed-loop control electronics with a user-friendly operating concept.

The visual display uses a colour graphics display screen, providing clear and comprehensible

presentation of information and measured values.



LEANOX system

Each engine is executed with the so called Leanox system.

This lean mixture combustion control is developed and patented by Jenbacher. It ensures

the correct air/gas ratio under all operational circumstances in order to simultaneously

achieve the lowest exhaust gas emission rates and stable engine operation.


Knock control system

Each engine has its own knock control system.

The resulting specific firing point, output and gas/air mixture temperature control protects the engine from inadmissible loads, resulting in increased reliability and availability.


Exhaust gas silencer

Each engine has its own silencer, stainless steel with condensate relief connection and

flexible compensators. Sound pressure 60dB(A) at 10 meter.



Terms of Payment:

All payments should be made NET NET in EURO without any deductions or extra charges, payable in Germany into our account. All prices EXW Germany.

If the buyer pays a deposit the owner reserves gensets for an agreed upon time.



Transport is not included in our price.



Buyer usually will be supplied with a machine break-down insurance – or you buy “as is”.



Complete order for all 8 units will be supplied with 3 metal clad structural steel building.


Starting up

Advice, consulting and starting up of the complete plant is not included in our price.



Erection costs are not included in our price.